9 months

Miller turned 9 months on December 8th. I know..way behind. I didn't get to take his picture that day either because he was running a fever and didn't feel too good. Here is his official 9 month picture...
Still eats 4 bottles a day, cereal with fruit, and veggies & fruit twice a day.

Still does the little pucker of his lips when he's trying not to smile {like in this picture}

Still no teeth, which limits the food trying. Some things he has tried are mashed potatoes (didn't like them), sweet potato, cheese, noodles...can't think right now.

Has started to scoot, not crawl, but he can get where he wants to go. 

He loves the remote, phone, our cell phones, the computer, camera and video camera. I think he's going to be into technology like his mama. :)

Wants to stand up all. the. time. He tries to pull up but can't quite do it by himself.

Takes baths in the big bathtub now, no more duck bath. 

If he doesn't want you to change his clothes or diaper, he throws himself back and yells..yes yells. 

He loves our lab Tucker. You can ask "Where's Tucker?" and he looks at the back door. If we take him out back to see him, he squeals with excitement and gets mad when we come back inside.

He's more fun than ever and such a sweet little guy.


We had our annual girls Christmas party this past weekend. I have been blessed with such great girlfriends that I wouldn't trade for anything. And us girls have been blessed with some {4} pretty cute little boys that I'm pretty sure we wouldn't trade either.

Our Christmas parties used to consist of eating, opening gifts, laughing, and eating some more. Now..we still do all those things, but with a lot of other little boy stuff mixed in. And we love it.

Here are the boys...
Miller opening a present..like all babies, he loves the paper!

Little Max showing off his new hat

Landin playing with the tissue paper and the funniest story of the day..Elijah in the boots. Throughout the party, Elijah would come out from Landin's room with random objects and once wearing a football helmet. But, then he came out in these boots (one of them actually) and he said 'boots.' They were Teresa's boots. It was pretty funny and he must have like them because he walked around in them for a while.

As you can imagine, getting a good pic of the four of them is not an easy challenge...

I guess we finally had to hypnotize them. This pic cracks me up. I think me and Audra were singing Jingle Bells. I know it looks like baby Max has up a bad finger, but it's not, I promise. :)

And some of us with our favorite little guys.

Not pictured are our other great friends Autumn {behind the camera} and Lisa {couldn't make it}. I wonder how many more babies we will have at our party next year..... 

Photo-A-Day Project

Where has the time gone?!? 3 days until Christmas, so many things to do, so behind on blogging. I have a few blog posts coming up, but I wanted to throw this out there first to see if any of my blogging friends want to join in.

If you don't follow The Creative Mama, you so should, especially if you're into photography. There are tons of creative ideas over there. Erin Cobb, one of my favorite photographers/bloggers posted about a Photo-A-Day project for 2011. I have tried this before but never keep up with it, BUT 2011 is the year. I'm really excited about doing this because I think it's a great/quick way to document our year...and since we have Miller, there is a LOT I need to document. :)  I'm still going to take a lot more than just one photo a day and I'm still going to scrapbook, but I really like this idea. I already know I won't be able to keep up with posting my picture every single day..so don't count on that, but I will do my best and will post all 365 of them. Then, at the end of the year, I'll print them out into a book.

Check out Erin's post..it will get you inspired.

I've set up another blog for the photo project, so if you want to follow it, here is the link (or there's a link in the sidebar)


Christmas Jammies

Like I said, I love traditions. Another one that I want to do is to give our kids new Christmas pj's the night we decorate our Christmas tree. Tonight was that night. So..here is Miller in his new Christmas jammies. So cute!

The Hunt

I love traditions..especially at Christmas. We had several when I was growing up and I loved them. One tradition was that we always had a real Christmas tree...and we would cut it down. Eli did too, so I knew it was something I wanted to do when we had kids.

So..on Friday, we headed to the tree farm to find our Christmas tree. The weather wasn't very cold...65 degrees actually. But, it's December and it's supposed to be cold when you go cut your tree down. Plus, Miller had a cute hat I wanted him to wear. So, he wore it. It was windy, so he really needed to wear it. :)

I know he looks bored, but I promise he was having fun.
It didn't take long to find our tree {the one right behind us}. I had to set my camera on the ground and prop the lens up with Eli's gloves to get this picture. Miller's probably looking at me because I had to run over there before the timer went off. :)

Watching daddy cut down the tree. {Next year I'm sure he will be running all over the tree lot}

It's definitely more effort and money, but I hope we are able to do this every year! 


Ho Ho Ho

I was so excited to take Miller to meet Santa..mainly just to see how he would react. Would he cry, laugh, or even know what was going on. We decided to take him to Bass Pro for the *free* picture. Plus, their Santa looks real. :)

He didn't cry, laugh or even smile. He just gave Santa a stare-down.
Here are some I snapped with my camera...

"I've got my eye on you Santa"


Free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly

My friend, April posted about this on her blog, and it's a great deal...bloggers get free Christmas cards! You can sign up here..http://bit.ly/sfly2010 

I have used Shutterfly to make my Christmas photo cards once before and they looked wonderful!! I made a mistake last year by using another company to try to save money and it was a mistake. My cards, prints, and books from Shutterfly always look professional and turn out great!! This year I plan to make my cards through Shutterfly again. My favorite card is on this linkhttp://http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards it is the Sweet and Retro - the one that says It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I absolutely love this one. My second favorite is on this linkhttp://http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-photo-cards I love the With Love Blue. And my third favorite is on this link http:// http:// http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-gift-tags These tags are so stinkin cute. What a great idea. Take a look and leave me a comment of your favorite!!


The view from here

Earlier, as I was sitting at the kitchen table..this is what I saw in the living room. Our sweet little boy, playing with his toys, who got so happy when he saw me looking at him.

I am beyond blessed. 


6 years as Mr. & Mrs.

This is us...6 years ago today.

We've officially been together 10 years!

So to celebrate..we spent the day together in Tulsa doing whatever we wanted. My mom offered to keep Miller for the day..and night! His first sleepover! We tried not to talk about things other than him..but somehow our conversations always ended up back to "I wonder if he's doing ok...I wonder if he'll sleep good tonight..." Not that I had any doubt that he would be completely fine with his Grammy, it was just weird for both of us being away from him for 24 hours!

The highlight of my trip (other than spending the day with my favorite man in the whole wide world) :) was going to The Vintage Pearl! I have been a blog reader for a long time and they finally opened a store in Tulsa, so I couldn't wait to go. Their store was so cute, just as I expected. I got a necklace that I had been wanting as my anniversary gift...(no shopping required for the hubby). I got an 'm' and an 'e'. Not to spell 'me', but for Eli & Miller..my two loves. :) I LOVE IT!!

We had lunch in Utica Square and walked around to some of the shops..until it started raining. I was also super excited to go in Anthropologie. Very cute stuff...very expensive stuff. I bought one thing..for $2.50...I'm a big spender, I know. The store itself is just way cool to look around in.

Then we went to the mall and did some shopping..mostly for Miller. Who knew. Don't think Eli didn't get to have any fun on this trip. We did make a stop at Bass Pro in Broken Arrow..where we bought some things for...Miller. :) Then, Charleston's for dinner and a trip to Academy. It was such a fun day!

We didn't get a decent pic of the two of us, so here is one of the three of us from today. I like 3 better than 2 anyways. :)


8 Months

I have never had to work so hard to get this little guy to smile. I'm going with this as his official 8 month picture...
because that face pretty much sums up our little photo shoot. He would not give up his smiles very easily..or at all. Usually his daddy is the one making him smile in these monthly pics, but he is at work so I had to take what I could get.
1. He was doing everything he could to avoid the camera.
2. His new thing he does with his tongue. love it.
3. The best smile I got..but I'll take it. :) 
4. Just a quick yell to let me know he was done. 

At 8 months:
Size 4 diapers, 9 month clothes (this shirt is 9 months and snug)

Size 3 and 4 shoes. Most 3's don't fit because his feet are too fat.

Eats 4 bottles a day, cereal with fruit, and veggies & fruit twice a day.

Likes being in his high chair and trying to drink out of his sippy cup. 

LOVES any fruit or veggies. I gave him part of a puff to try, but he gagged.

Still no teeth.

Still a great napper and sleeper.

Love to play on mama & daddy's bed.

Loves to be outside. He helps me check the mail everyday. He even holds onto the mail as we walk back in the house.

Can make his voice very loud and does it a lot..especially when we are in the car or a restaurant. :) 

Been doing this high-pitched voice thing lately.

Rolls everywhere, still no crawling.

Loves to drive around in his Jeep (walker). He can go anywhere in it. He gets his driving skills from his mama. :)

Started waving last week {11/03}. He has only waved at someone once..his Grammy and Uncle Ian. 

He still moves his legs like crazy when he's excited.

Rolls his ankles/feet in circles.


First Halloween

I'm a little late in blogging this, but I figured someone would want to see these photos.
Miller's first Halloween was a success. It was a busy weekend, but so fun! We visited his cousin Charlie (the pirate), took pictures with pumpkins at his Gamma & Gampa's house, got a new ball from his Grammy & Uncle Ian and went to our church's 1st Annual Trunk or Treat where he was a walrus. The cutest walrus I've ever seen, I might add. :) He thought it was funny when he was in his costume. Except in that bottom photo with his friend Landin..he was ready for a nap! 


7 months

Where does the time go? It's true what they say about it flying by. I feel like he is growing up so fast. I just want him to stay little forever!

At 7 months:
Weight: 20lbs 8oz (as of 10/8), 27 1/4 in (at his 6 month appt)

Wears 6-9 month clothes and size 3 shoes

Wears size 3 diapers

Loves all fruits and veggies. We still haven't found anything that he doesn't like. Let's just hope this continues when he gets older...and that he is not a picky eater like his mama.

Still sleeps really well, except for the occasional night (like last night) where he wakes up several times.

He still takes about 4 naps a day, usually 9am-ish, noon-ish, 4ish and an evening nap.

And if he doesn't get a good evening nap, he doesn't sleep as well at night.

He likes to play with your hair or face when he's falling asleep. He has a soft blankie that he holds on to too.

He only takes his paci when he's tired, and sometimes not even then.

He's such a sweet and content little guy.

Some of my favorite things he does right now are open and close his hand, like he's learning to wave. He just stares at his hand and then tries to grab it with his other hand. He does a 'pelvic thrust' dance when you sing to him. Lately he his a really high-pitched squeal/laugh/bird noise he does when he's playing, especially when he is playing with paci.


My two loves.


I could not love these to boys more. :)



Here are a few photos from the last few days...
Just waking up from his nap. I love those sleepy eyes.

Bath time in his ducky bathtub. He LOVES baths. He kicks and splashes and makes a mess, but we love it.

After his bath..all wrapped up.

And some nakee playtime in his crib. :)

New Trick

I think we will be making a trip to Wal-Mart soon {like I don't go there ALL the time} to pick up some cabinet locks. It seems our little man has discovered he can do this. He's really good at driving his Jeep. If he pulls up to the cabinet and he can't reach, he backs up and tries again until he can. I love seeing him learn new things. 


Mommy's Little Monster

After having these jammies for several months, I realized last night, that I don't think I have any pictures of Miller wearing them. They are my favorite! I wasn't even sure they fit him anymore since he hadn't worn them in a while and even though it was only 5pm, I put him in his jammies, just to get a few pics.


He was watching his daddy mow out our bedroom window. He LOVES his daddy..alot.
MommysMonsterProfile MommysMonsterFeet
I love the little waistband. Old Navy is the best.