Fall Family

Also this weekend, I took pics of my friends Audra, Matt and their little boy Elijah. He's 11 months old and full of energy. He was so good for us. We even had to wake him up from his nap, but he was all smiles.







Sweet New Baby

I got to do a photo shoot with my best friends new little guy...Landin Carter Judkins, only 9 days old. I just love him to death. Here are a few of my favorites...


YellowBlanketE1 FingersE2


It's A Boy!

We had our big ultrasound on October 22nd and we found out we are having a boy!
It was such a fun day.

Isn't he cute... :)

We had our family and a few friends over Thursday night to reveal the big news. We made 'surprise cupcakes'...

Here is 'Team Pink'

And 'Team Blue'

We had everyone bite into their 'surprise cupcakes' at the same time.

Obviously, 'Team Blue' won.
Such a great day.

Old news, but still big news

Ok, so I know it's been 3 months since I've updated this thing! I really didn't mean to start it and not keep up with it.

A lot has happened since my last post. One BIG thing has happened since my last post, which is..we are having a baby! It would take me forever to update with every picture I've taken since then, so here are a couple.

Me and my hubby and my friend Teresa (37 weeks) and I (16 weeks). My belly looks tiny compared to hers, but it feels big. It's even bigger now because that was 3 weeks ago.