Well..it's been over 2 weeks since my last post. Surprise, surprise. A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks. Here are some of my favorites...

First trip to Hobby Lobby {first of many}, with his buddy Landin looking so cute in his red hat. Miller pretty much slept the whole time.


I caught him sucking his thumb! Him was a hungry boy. :)

He started smiling!! He smiled at his Grammy when we stopped by her office on day. Eli and I had been seeing who could get him to smile first, and we both lost. It's ok though, it made my mom's day and at least I got to see it. This is the first smile I captured on camera. Love it!!

Us before church one night. {I so need to start exercising}

Big boy.

Bath time. He really likes baths now. He looks so relaxed.

And a new favorite. {shirt & photo}

I can't believe how big he's getting. Look for a 2 month update on monday!


2 favorites

Surprise! I thought I would post something not 100% related to baby.
My free time for checking blogs on my Google Reader has been cut down quite a bit for some reason.
The reason...
{that's just my way of including a picture of him on my 'non-baby' post}

But, I always find time to check these two blogs.

Karen Russell

Love her photography! She captures regular, everyday moments with her family, which is what I love to document too. (Plus, she has adorable subjects..see above)
 I took her online photography workshop last year and absolutely loved it! I learned a ton and would highly recommend it if you are serious about learning photography.

And Elizabeth Kartchner
She is an awesome scrapbooker/crafty lady...tons of inspiration. You should definitely check out her blog.

I haven't had time to scrap much lately (because of reason pictured above), but I am really wanting to soon. I can't get too far behind on Miller's book (which I haven't started), because I'll NEVER be able to keep up with all the pictures.

So, there's my attempt at a non-baby post.
What are your favorite blogs?


It's official

I feel like I'm a little late posting this, but oh well. Here is our 'official' birth announcement for our little man. :)
{Photo by Randy Coleman Photography}


Time Flies

One month ago today, our little man was still all warm and cozy in my belly. We had no idea he was going to join us that day. What a surprise!! Needless to say, our lives have changed 100% in the past month. Our days pretty much consist of diapers, feedings, walking, rocking, singing, baby talk {not to each other}, and of course, taking lots of pictures. I really don't know what we did before we had Miller. He is so much fun!

I was going to edit the photo, but decided to leave the baby acne and dry skin on his forehead...just to remember.

I'm going to take this same shot every month. Him in the chair in his room with his bear named 'Honeycutt'. My mom {Grammy} got it for him and that really is it's name!

Love his little jeans.

At 1 month:
He eats about every 3 hours {sometimes more often}
Is sleeping a lot less during the day.
And more at night!! {he didn't wake up to eat until 5am this morning. We got him a new 'bed' last night and I think he likes it!}
He's still a LOUD sleeper...grunts, moans, yells, squeaks.
He squeaks when he yawns. I love it.
He is so strong..always holding is head up when he's up on your shoulder.
He is a funny boy..he makes so many funny faces.
Wears size 1 diapers.
Wears 0-3 month clothes and even some 3-6, even though they are a little big.
His favorite song is 'Jesus Loves Me', because that's what I sing to him. :)
Loves to be held and walking around. I think he's a little spoiled already.
Likes going for walks and sleeping in his stroller.
Watches tv. Really.

I totally got lucky with catching this smile on camera. Although I like to think he really was smiling at me. (even though he's not looking in my direction) Any day now...


Hanging with mom

This is just a short video of Miller hanging out with me one morning last week. He's starting to really look around and look right at you. I'm just waiting for him to smile!!

{Disregard the 'fbc newcastle' - I uploaded it to the wrong account}



We had a busy Easter weekend.
We had an awesome Good Friday service at our church on Friday night. {no pictures}
Saturday we spent with the Baker family. There is always fun to be had when we are all together. This time was no different. We had a little bit of everything...

Little ones everywhere. I can't wait until Miller is big enough to run around with his cousins.


The guys {and some of the girls} shot guns. {Not around the little ones} :)

And what family get together is complete without a fire? This one was on purpose, but it got a little exciting at one point. Don't worry, everything was ok and the fire burned out as planned. That's our papa watching the action.

Sunday, we took Miller to his first Sunday at church. This was the best family photo we could get because #1, it was very windy and #2, we were about to be late for church. Little man stayed with us in the service, which was pretty distracting. I was so afraid he was going to cry and cause a scene. He didn't though. He slept pretty much the whole time.

Then, we went to our Granny & Papa's for lunch with the Honeycutt family.
Four generations of Honeycutt men...

I can't forget the loot that the "Easter Bunny" aka Miller's Grammy & Gamma brought him.

This little guy is so lucky to have so many people that love him!


Newborn Pics

When Miller was 8 days old, we had the talented Randy Coleman come to our house to take newborn pictures. I am so glad we did, because he already, 2 weeks later, looks so much different. I love them all, but here are some of my favorites...