Photo-A-Day Project

Where has the time gone?!? 3 days until Christmas, so many things to do, so behind on blogging. I have a few blog posts coming up, but I wanted to throw this out there first to see if any of my blogging friends want to join in.

If you don't follow The Creative Mama, you so should, especially if you're into photography. There are tons of creative ideas over there. Erin Cobb, one of my favorite photographers/bloggers posted about a Photo-A-Day project for 2011. I have tried this before but never keep up with it, BUT 2011 is the year. I'm really excited about doing this because I think it's a great/quick way to document our year...and since we have Miller, there is a LOT I need to document. :)  I'm still going to take a lot more than just one photo a day and I'm still going to scrapbook, but I really like this idea. I already know I won't be able to keep up with posting my picture every single day..so don't count on that, but I will do my best and will post all 365 of them. Then, at the end of the year, I'll print them out into a book.

Check out Erin's post..it will get you inspired.

I've set up another blog for the photo project, so if you want to follow it, here is the link (or there's a link in the sidebar)

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