Little Roly Poly

He is rolling all over the place these days. No more just laying still on is back. I love it though, he's so proud of himself.



Where the wind....
You know the rest.
We had Miller out a couple nights ago when it was a little windy. I'm not sure he knew what to think about it. It blew his toupee around that's for sure. :)


A note from the baby

Here's a peek at what I've been up to around here..
A little tummy time.

Playing with Grammy & Gamma.

Practicing my sitting,

and standing.

Eating my veggies.

Going for a swim...not my favorite thing.

And of course, sleeping.

Man, life is rough. :)

5 months

I figured it was about time for a new post. So, I'll start with the 5 month update {which is 10 days overdue}. :)

Look at my little guy..he's getting so big.

At 5 months:

Drinks 6 oz every 3-4 hours.

Eats cereal after his morning bottle, and has a veggie either for lunch or dinner. {he's  had peas and green beans and like them both, warm or cold}

Wears size 3 diapers.

Can still wear 3-6 months clothes, but not for long.

Doesn't sleep quite all night anymore. He's been getting harder to put to sleep and he wakes up usually a couple times a night with a whiny cry. I go give him his paci and he goes back to sleep. I think he might be teething.

Rolls from front to back pretty good, but has only rolled from back to front once.

Smiles all the time and laughs at us a lot too. He thinks we're so funny.

Does a fake cough that I absolutely love. I tell him he's going to have to go to the doctor if it doesn't go away.

Shakes his head back and forth like he's saying no.

Loves to stand up and is getting better at sitting up {still wobbles a lot though}

Current nicknames: bubba/bub, pea-pie, stinker-pie, boo bear

He's looking more like his daddy every day.