More from the park



He must be going through a growing spurt, because he wants to eat all. the. time.
He had just woken up from his nap and I guess was still a little sleepy.

I cut him some apples and he didn't want them at first. (He always wants an orange)

But he gave them a chance...

 All better now. 

You want to go high? "Yeah, Yeah!!"

We went to our favorite park again tonight and although it was hot & humid
with NO wind, Miller had lots of fun on the swing!
Probably because the breeze felt so good.

I think he looks just like a little Eli in this picture...

Look ma, no hands! Just chin!! :) 


Kiroli Park

We visited a park that is just about 3 miles from our apartment and it was seriously the prettiest park I've ever been to. Miller loved it! There are several play areas and tall trees everywhere!! I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there! Sidenote: I don't usually dress him up to go to the park, but I thought I would try to get some good pics of him smiling, but he pretty much just wanted to play.
I can't blame him, look how fun....
Even the squirrels are friendly here. I wasn't zoomed in, he was really this close. I started to think he was going to attack me. :) 

We love the big trees everywhere. It makes you feel like you are way out in the woods.
This bridge was wobbly and he had a hard time going from one side to the other, so he though sliding on his belly would work better.

This is the only picture I got of him smiling...then he was off to play some more.

This look is because some girls came to the playground.

I'm pretty sure he is yelling something at those girls. 
Eli helped Miller do the zip line thing. These pictures make me happy!! Look how much fun Miller is having!

Then Eli decided he would give it a try....
What a fun morning!

Good morning sunshine

Miller is definitely a morning person, which is good because I am too. He's always so happy when I go to get him out of his crib. He always has his blanket or if he's dropped it on the floor, he wants you to pick it up first thing.

And he always gives me "Good morning kisses"

If he doesn't give them....I steal them!

There's nothing sweeter! 

Water Always Tastes Better From A Big Cup

This & That

Here are some random photos from our first week here....
Playing playdoh.

Watching cartoons on mama & daddy's bed...and eating a snack.

Talking on the phone...real and fake.

Picking the deers nose. :) 

Playing at the playground and apparently he didn't want some girl
climbing the stairs by him. 

Playing in his room. 
I promise we don't stay in our jammies every day. Just some of them. :)