The Hunt

I love traditions..especially at Christmas. We had several when I was growing up and I loved them. One tradition was that we always had a real Christmas tree...and we would cut it down. Eli did too, so I knew it was something I wanted to do when we had kids.

So..on Friday, we headed to the tree farm to find our Christmas tree. The weather wasn't very cold...65 degrees actually. But, it's December and it's supposed to be cold when you go cut your tree down. Plus, Miller had a cute hat I wanted him to wear. So, he wore it. It was windy, so he really needed to wear it. :)

I know he looks bored, but I promise he was having fun.
It didn't take long to find our tree {the one right behind us}. I had to set my camera on the ground and prop the lens up with Eli's gloves to get this picture. Miller's probably looking at me because I had to run over there before the timer went off. :)

Watching daddy cut down the tree. {Next year I'm sure he will be running all over the tree lot}

It's definitely more effort and money, but I hope we are able to do this every year! 

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