We had our annual girls Christmas party this past weekend. I have been blessed with such great girlfriends that I wouldn't trade for anything. And us girls have been blessed with some {4} pretty cute little boys that I'm pretty sure we wouldn't trade either.

Our Christmas parties used to consist of eating, opening gifts, laughing, and eating some more. Now..we still do all those things, but with a lot of other little boy stuff mixed in. And we love it.

Here are the boys...
Miller opening a present..like all babies, he loves the paper!

Little Max showing off his new hat

Landin playing with the tissue paper and the funniest story of the day..Elijah in the boots. Throughout the party, Elijah would come out from Landin's room with random objects and once wearing a football helmet. But, then he came out in these boots (one of them actually) and he said 'boots.' They were Teresa's boots. It was pretty funny and he must have like them because he walked around in them for a while.

As you can imagine, getting a good pic of the four of them is not an easy challenge...

I guess we finally had to hypnotize them. This pic cracks me up. I think me and Audra were singing Jingle Bells. I know it looks like baby Max has up a bad finger, but it's not, I promise. :)

And some of us with our favorite little guys.

Not pictured are our other great friends Autumn {behind the camera} and Lisa {couldn't make it}. I wonder how many more babies we will have at our party next year..... 

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  1. I have the best friends in the whole world, and we are all so blessed with our beautiful little men that add so much more laughter and joy to our get togethers. I love what our lives have become and that we all get to share with each other. Can't wait until our next get together (in January when you guys are cleaning my house. :) )
    Love you Bean, thank you for doing such a good job of sharing our memories.