8 Months

I have never had to work so hard to get this little guy to smile. I'm going with this as his official 8 month picture...
because that face pretty much sums up our little photo shoot. He would not give up his smiles very easily..or at all. Usually his daddy is the one making him smile in these monthly pics, but he is at work so I had to take what I could get.
1. He was doing everything he could to avoid the camera.
2. His new thing he does with his tongue. love it.
3. The best smile I got..but I'll take it. :) 
4. Just a quick yell to let me know he was done. 

At 8 months:
Size 4 diapers, 9 month clothes (this shirt is 9 months and snug)

Size 3 and 4 shoes. Most 3's don't fit because his feet are too fat.

Eats 4 bottles a day, cereal with fruit, and veggies & fruit twice a day.

Likes being in his high chair and trying to drink out of his sippy cup. 

LOVES any fruit or veggies. I gave him part of a puff to try, but he gagged.

Still no teeth.

Still a great napper and sleeper.

Love to play on mama & daddy's bed.

Loves to be outside. He helps me check the mail everyday. He even holds onto the mail as we walk back in the house.

Can make his voice very loud and does it a lot..especially when we are in the car or a restaurant. :) 

Been doing this high-pitched voice thing lately.

Rolls everywhere, still no crawling.

Loves to drive around in his Jeep (walker). He can go anywhere in it. He gets his driving skills from his mama. :)

Started waving last week {11/03}. He has only waved at someone once..his Grammy and Uncle Ian. 

He still moves his legs like crazy when he's excited.

Rolls his ankles/feet in circles.

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