18 Months

Eli, Miller and I went downtown Labor Day morning to try to get some 18 month pictures of Miller. I wasn't quite sure I was going to get any good shots because he wasn't wanting to stay put for long {imagine that}. But...I ended up getting some of my most favorite pictures of him ever. They show how sweet, silly and fun he is at this age and I love them!! Here are some of my favorites:

He loves Peek-A-Boo


This was taken with a tripod and remote. Let me just say...I so should have payed a photographer. It was a LOT of work getting a picture of the 3 of us. ha!



He likes to take things out of the bathroom drawers.
His main goal is to find a toothbrush. 
This day he found his daddy's. :)


Lake Time

Our second Lake Tenkiller trip this year was last weekend. Another fun weekend with our family....eating, hanging out, swimming, playing and just relaxing and staying up too late.

The lake trips have always been fun, but there are SO much more fun with Miller there. 
1. Sharing (kind of) a root beer float with Gampa
2. Driving the boat. :) (it was on the trailer)
3. Gamma & Gampa
4. Helping Gampa make ice cream
5. Great Granny & Papa Honeycutt
6. Finger painting for the first time
7. Out for a walk one hot/sweaty/sticky morning

Miller and his cousin Lainey got to spend the whole weekend together. Here they are at the lake last year...
Check out Miller's dark hair and cone head. :)

She's loved to hug and kiss on him since she's been born.

1&2...His cousin Luke put a spoon on his nose so we put on one Miller's
3. Nothing cuter than chubby babies
4. "Jumping" to Gamma
5. Sweet cousins
6. This cracks me up because Lainey is giving him the biggest smile and he's just looking at her...typical.
7. My favorite...those teeth!!


Splash Park

We took Miller to the splash park today and we were the only ones there! Plus it was overcast, so we didn't melt. He had a lot of fun playing in the water. He took a couple of breaks to give us kisses. He does that all on his own...it's so sweet!! Here are some of my favorite pics from today. 


Sunday morning, we were ready for church a few minutes early, so I decided to set up the tripod and try to get a picture of me with my favorite little boy. I wasn't sure how it was going to work and how I was going to get Miller to look at the camera and smile. I got to ol' trusty remote out and when the light came on the camera, he thought it was funny. (Please ignore my blinding white legs...mama doesn't get out in the sun much anymore) :)

I gave him the remote and let him do it a few hundred times.

He's looking less like my baby and more like my little boy. I could not love him more!



We've been playing inside quite a bit, since it's waaay to hot to be out for long.
Watching ALOT of Nemo. He LOVES that movie.
He will sit and watch pretty much the entire thing.... Let's name the zones, the zones, the zones, let's name the zones of the open sea.....oh, sorry. Anyone who watches Nemo as much as I do will know that song.

He's (ok, me too), been eating lots of snacks also. I think lunch this day was ham & cheese, blueberries (a favorite), and a cracker.

Learning not to 'hit' with our toys....

and giving kisses after we hit with our toys....

He got his first big 'owie' this week. He slipped on a book and fell on his hand and cut up his face. It looks worse now because it's all bruised too. First time he's bled and he cried hard! It broke my heart!!!
We did manage to play at the park one morning this week before it got over 100.

He wanted to drink out of mama's cup all by himself....
Not quite ready for that yet. :)


Fun In The Pack & Play

I was smashing my face against the bed and then he started to do it.


Being a cute little boy sure is rough work.


Daddy's Little Helper

There are three things that Miller loves. His daddy, being outside, and the water hose. We went outside to play tonight, thinking he might want to play in the sprinkler...
Not so much. This picture is so funny to me because he looks so sad and he's looking at the water hose. So, he helped daddy unhook the sprinkler. Him squatting down like his daddy melts my heart.

He was very serious tonight, no smiles in these pictures. He did laugh when his daddy took a drink out of the hose and then spit it out.

Then, it was time to water the flowers half-dead flowers.
He's turning the faucet like his daddy does. I promise, he's having fun.

He cracks me up.
Then, it was time to go in. He's never happy when it's time to go in from outside.The only way we can get him to not yell is to tell him it's bath time. He's sad when that's over too.



Someone's enjoying the homemade strawberry jelly that his great grandpa made...
Can you guess who?

Nothing Like A Fresh Box Of Crayons

I LOVED coloring when I was a little kid (and big kid actually). It was so fun to open a brand new box of crayons. My favorite crayon was always...cerulean. I still don't know how to pronounce it. :)
Since it's been SO stinkin' hot, we've been staying inside a lot, but with a toddler, that can get kind of old. So...yesterday, I busted out a new box of crayons to let Miller color for the first time. I taped some paper to the table and let him go. 
He colored for a little while (this proud mama hung his picture on the fridge) :)
Then, it turned in to getting every crayon out, dropping them on the floor, 

....and tasting them.

He had fun though so I'll definitely be getting them
out more often. Any excuse to color.