Fun In The Pack & Play

I was smashing my face against the bed and then he started to do it.


Being a cute little boy sure is rough work.


Daddy's Little Helper

There are three things that Miller loves. His daddy, being outside, and the water hose. We went outside to play tonight, thinking he might want to play in the sprinkler...
Not so much. This picture is so funny to me because he looks so sad and he's looking at the water hose. So, he helped daddy unhook the sprinkler. Him squatting down like his daddy melts my heart.

He was very serious tonight, no smiles in these pictures. He did laugh when his daddy took a drink out of the hose and then spit it out.

Then, it was time to water the flowers half-dead flowers.
He's turning the faucet like his daddy does. I promise, he's having fun.

He cracks me up.
Then, it was time to go in. He's never happy when it's time to go in from outside.The only way we can get him to not yell is to tell him it's bath time. He's sad when that's over too.



Someone's enjoying the homemade strawberry jelly that his great grandpa made...
Can you guess who?

Nothing Like A Fresh Box Of Crayons

I LOVED coloring when I was a little kid (and big kid actually). It was so fun to open a brand new box of crayons. My favorite crayon was always...cerulean. I still don't know how to pronounce it. :)
Since it's been SO stinkin' hot, we've been staying inside a lot, but with a toddler, that can get kind of old. So...yesterday, I busted out a new box of crayons to let Miller color for the first time. I taped some paper to the table and let him go. 
He colored for a little while (this proud mama hung his picture on the fridge) :)
Then, it turned in to getting every crayon out, dropping them on the floor, 

....and tasting them.

He had fun though so I'll definitely be getting them
out more often. Any excuse to color.



Miller likes to feed himself, even though it's not the cleanest thing. This morning he had yogurt with blueberries and kiwi.

He has to learn somehow. :)


Our 4th

Oh. my. goodness. I absolutely love this picture of Miller taken at his great-grandma's house in Phoenix, on 4th of July last year. Those cheeks, chubby arms, that combover...*tear :( What a difference a year makes!!

Our 4th this year was a lot of fun with our little blonde-headed firecracker! We didn't do anything to fancy...just spent time with family and friends. Miller got to go swimming and play with his friends Elijah and Max, he played in the sandbox at his Gamma & Gampa's house and we went to watch the fireworks show that his daddy and Gampa helped shoot in Chickasha. Landin came with us to that show and we tried to get a good picture of them..with not so much luck. Miller also snuck some ice cream from his Funcle (fun uncle) Jeff. :) Our attempt at a family picture was also not so good. Miller was wanting to get down SO bad, you can see him twisting trying to get out of my arms in the picture.  What a fun weekend to remember!


BLT 2011

Our annual Baker Lake Trip, or BLT as we call it was a few weeks ago. We stayed at a new place this year called Fin & Feather Resort. It wasn't on the lake like the other house we stayed out, but it really was great for the kids. It had a pool and kiddie pool that Miller loved. Even though he could walk around and even sit in the water it still made me nervous! We spent our days playing, swimming, eating, standing on the table apparently, getting lots of hugs and kisses from his cousins Laney & Raegan, going for rides in his red car and the golf cart, and just having fun with our family.

The first picture is his smile when you ask him to smile...he moves his bottom jaw over to the side for a crooked smile. :) Our family picture this year happened in about 5 minutes, which is very fast...we were trying to beat the rain. We are missing some from our picture though. 

Someone must have been ready for a nap. I love how Laney is looking at him and Raegan looks like she telling him it's ok. :)

Miller is two months older than his cousin Grant.
They had fun playing with each other this year. 

Some of us made shirts for our little ones. We were trying to spell out "We <3 BLT '11". Little Bryn was the apostrophe, but you can't see her very well in this picture. 

There's nothing like being at the lake!



Even sweet baby boys have bad days...this face says it all. :)

Bad Mom Alert

Someone's learned a new trick.

Look at that ornery face!!! 
He only stood for a second while I snapped a picture. :)

Father's Day 2011

Eli had to work on Father's Day so after church, Miller and I wrapped up his gifts and waited for him to get home. Miller wanted to put some things in the box....extra wrapping paper and the tv remote...he knows his daddy well.
Miller helped Eli read his cards that we made for him. Eli is obviously wondering if I meant to wrap up the remote. Miller's just looking at it like 'yeah, i put that in there'. 
I wanted to get Eli something from Miller so I ordered this keychain from this store on Etsy. I know he liked it because a little bit later I saw his keys on the counter and he had already put it on. :)

Cousin Lainey

Miller's cousin Lainey loves him. Loves to hug him, kiss him, chase him. Miller is not so sure about her. He loves her, but he's not so sure about her getting in his space. I love to see the two of them together. These pictures crack me up...Lainey obviously wanting a hug that Miller's not all that into and on the bottom row, notice how she is holding his neck. I'm pretty sure she's telling him "look at the camera and act like you are having fun." I can only imagine what it's going to be like with these two as they get older!!

Back to Blogging

I'm finally back to blogging. Not sure if anyone even missed it, but I started to. I know my mom looks at it, so mama here are some new pictures. :)

There is nothing extra special about these, they are blurry, way close up and cropped but I love them. Miller always gets close to the camera when I'm taking his picture. So, this time, I just snapped his 'attack'. I love those 4 toofies. I don't so much love the steady stream of drool. The pouty lip..which he has perfected and usually works, was when I moved away from him. :)
More to come....