Here are a few photos from the last few days...
Just waking up from his nap. I love those sleepy eyes.

Bath time in his ducky bathtub. He LOVES baths. He kicks and splashes and makes a mess, but we love it.

After his bath..all wrapped up.

And some nakee playtime in his crib. :)

New Trick

I think we will be making a trip to Wal-Mart soon {like I don't go there ALL the time} to pick up some cabinet locks. It seems our little man has discovered he can do this. He's really good at driving his Jeep. If he pulls up to the cabinet and he can't reach, he backs up and tries again until he can. I love seeing him learn new things. 


Mommy's Little Monster

After having these jammies for several months, I realized last night, that I don't think I have any pictures of Miller wearing them. They are my favorite! I wasn't even sure they fit him anymore since he hadn't worn them in a while and even though it was only 5pm, I put him in his jammies, just to get a few pics.


He was watching his daddy mow out our bedroom window. He LOVES his daddy..alot.
MommysMonsterProfile MommysMonsterFeet
I love the little waistband. Old Navy is the best.


Jumpy, Jumpy

Miller loves his bouncer. He gets so excited when he's in it.
Jump3Jump4   Jump6  

My favorite part is that he almost always jumps on his left foot.
And those chunky thighs.


6 month update

This is about a week and a half overdue, but the day I took his pictures, they did not turn out. Something weird is going on with my camera. So, we did them again a few days ago. So, here is his official 6 month picture with his Honeycutt bear {that's really his name}.

I had to include this one too. No more just sitting there next to the bear.

Sitting up by himself and has been for a couple weeks or so. I still put pillows behind him because he tips over every now and then.

He love to drive his Jeep (walker) around. He's getting good at it too, he can usually back up if he gets in a jam. 

He gets excited when he sees his "bobby" (bottle)

He usually takes 4 naps a day, sometimes a long one (2 to 3 hours).
Still loves any fruit or veggie I give him, he's such a good eater. Hopefully that continues.

Rolls all over the place.

Wears size 3 diapers and mostly 6-9 month clothes and size 3 shoes.

And just for fun, here is a look at how much he has changed!


You're touching my leg

Millers buddy Landin is 5 months older than him, so now that he can sit up just like him, I had to get some pictures. I love Landin's little smile here...

If they could talk, I think Landin would be saying "Hey, you're touching my leg."

And Miller says "Wait, don't go."

"I said come back here"

It was not too long ago, that Landin was grabbing Miller...I just love this!

And a couple of my nakee boy in his highchair.



Monkey Love

We he had a couple of busy days this past weekend. They were good, but busy. Yester day, we went to my dad's house to celebrate my youngest sister's 10th birthday. So, of course I had to some pics of Miller with his only 1st cousin, Charlie. He will be 2 in December and is a ball of energy. I can't wait until Miller can run around with him. I just love this picture...with Charlie's arm around Miller. He calls him "Diller" and loves him so much!

This morning I decided to sit Miller on the ground to see if he would play and not fall over. I put a couple of pillows around him, just in case. He did so good! He sat there for over 20 minutes and played. So...I snapped some pics. {I love these little owl jammies his Gamma and aunt Whitney got him}

He wanted to get caught up on the mornings news too. He was curious about the VMA recap from last night. ha!

No, he's not gagging. He's doing his famous 'fake cough'. He was doing it so much this morning. It cracks me up!

He also LOVES playing with his Sock Monkey Jack-in-the-box that his Grammy gave him.

I have no idea what this face was about, but I love it. Silly boy!


Today was a little bit of a sad day. Our baby boy got a haircut...at 6 months old! I always thought I would wait until he was a year old, but there is no way. He needed one..already. His 'bangs' were messy and in his eyes, his hair was over his ears and his baby mullet was getting long and shaggy.

We took him to Aren, which is Eli's cousin that does our hair. I knew she would do a great job!

He sat so still on his daddy's lap.

Wondering what in the world she was doing to him.


I love this one.

And then they were gone...his little curls from the top of his head. :( {But, they will forever live in his scrapbook}

He looks so much like a little boy now, instead of a baby. He looks older. Like, at least 7 months. ha ha
Oh, that boy.


Friday morning fun

I love mornings when we have no where to go, nothing to do {except the normal stuff - cleaning, laundry, blah, blah, blah} and we can just take our time, hang out and play. Today was one of those days, in fact, I haven't even gotten dressed yet and it's after noon.

Here is Miller being silly in his Jeep after breakfast. He was watching our lab Tucker out the back door.  I totally missed focus on this photo, but I love his face.

Then, he practiced his sitting on my bed.

I love these next two.

Ohh, that boy. I just love him!