Expect The Unexpected

One of the two of my favorite shows (the other one is LOST) started tonight...that's right Big Brother 11. I can't help it, I love it. I know it's just the first night, but these two are my favorites. Casey & Jordan. Hopefully they will last, as long as they stay nice...which doesn't always happen.

One person I do not like..can't stand really is Jessie.

He's from another season, but got to come back into the house... and he's very into himself. Just watch..you'll see.


Skating Babies

This just may be the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Happy 4th

We didn't do a whole lot today. Some swimming, eating, napping. But, my evening was super fun. I got to watch my chunky little nephew Charlie..or 'Mr'. as I like to call him. :) How could you not have fun with this little guy!


Man In The Moon

Ok, so we got home the other night around 11:30pm and the moon was nice and bright, so I thought I would 'try' to get a decent picture of it. I've tried in the past with no success. But, tonight I finally got an ok shot. Definitely not perfect, but I was happy with it. :)


Hello World.

So..I finally gave in and started a blog. I can't even believe it. I don't even really know what in the world I'm going to 'blog' about. But, I do know I love looking at other people's blogs and I find all kinds of amazingly creative things, so if I have nothing exciting to share, I can always share the cool things I come across. (Or at least I think they are cool) :)

One of those people's blogs I read regularly is where I entered a contest to have a blog designed for me...and I actually
WON. I was SO excited when I saw my name! I enter contests all the time on blogs and never win. So, I had this cute blog designed for me and I've added a few things to it and hope to keep making it even better.

The first thing I'll show you is my new favorite place to go on the web...
stumbleupon.com. You check all these categories of things you are interested it and it generates random websites for you that have to do with what you checked. The first one that it showed me was tastespotting.com

I'm a visual kind of person, so these pictures make me want to cook! :)
I guess that's it for my first blog post. Hope it wasn't too boring. ha!