9 months

Miller turned 9 months on December 8th. I know..way behind. I didn't get to take his picture that day either because he was running a fever and didn't feel too good. Here is his official 9 month picture...
Still eats 4 bottles a day, cereal with fruit, and veggies & fruit twice a day.

Still does the little pucker of his lips when he's trying not to smile {like in this picture}

Still no teeth, which limits the food trying. Some things he has tried are mashed potatoes (didn't like them), sweet potato, cheese, noodles...can't think right now.

Has started to scoot, not crawl, but he can get where he wants to go. 

He loves the remote, phone, our cell phones, the computer, camera and video camera. I think he's going to be into technology like his mama. :)

Wants to stand up all. the. time. He tries to pull up but can't quite do it by himself.

Takes baths in the big bathtub now, no more duck bath. 

If he doesn't want you to change his clothes or diaper, he throws himself back and yells..yes yells. 

He loves our lab Tucker. You can ask "Where's Tucker?" and he looks at the back door. If we take him out back to see him, he squeals with excitement and gets mad when we come back inside.

He's more fun than ever and such a sweet little guy.

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