Date Night

Last night we had our first date night in a loooong time. We ate at Earl's and then went to see Grown Up's {one thumb up} :) It was great to hang out with our friends

Matt & Audra {and baby Max}

Colby & Autumn

and me and the hubby

A lot has changed since we became friends in high school, but we are still great friends.


My blue-eyed boy

MillerBlueEyes15 weeks old and oh so fun.


He's Perfected The Pouty Lip

Yes..he sure has. I have a feeling he is going to use that thing to his advantage many, many times in the years to come. And how am I going to resist???


Not as in the sandwich, but Baker Lake Trip. It's one of my favorite weekends (5 days) of the year. We all stay in one big house together on Lake Tenkiller. This was Miller's first BLT experience, and I'm pretty sure he loved it. I mean, who wouldn't love all this attention....
Talking to Nana {his great grandma}

Playing with his Gampa


Napping with daddy

This is our whole crew...

We had three new one's there this year..Miller, Grant and Myles.

Most of the girls made hats, which was really fun.

Miller's Aunt Whitney & Uncle Jerod got him this cute swimsuit, so of course I had to get pictures of him in it.

He acted like he went blind as soon as we put his sunglasses on him.

We got him a little pool to try out. This is right when his feet were touching the water.

But, as you can see, he didn't like it. I think he's used to his warm baths and not the cold water.

His cousin Grant didn't like it at first either, but then he actually sat in it for a while. Miller on the other hand..he wanted out.
It was such a fun weekend!! Now I need a vacation to just stay home and rest.


Saturday Snapshots

Miller is not a big fan of tummy time, especially when you lay him flat on the floor. Instead of using his hands to prop himself up, he pulls them out from under him and also lifts up his legs, so he's pretty much just balancing on his stomach, which I'm sure is tiring. But, if you prop him up on something where he can look around, he likes it a little bit better.

I decided to get some pics on his cute quilt that his 'aunt' Teresa made for him. It was a labor of love. ha! I love how they turned out with the colors of the quilt. His smiles aren't too bad either. :)

{His daddy was laying on the ground with me getting him to smile}

Tummy time didn't last too long, so we sat him up instead, which he really likes. {love his chubby arms in this one}

He still has a head full of hair.

I love this picture, because he does this a lot. {looks at his hands}

I think he's trying hard not to smile here.

But daddy is good.

And we ended our little photo shoot with this face, which means some pretty foul smells are about the fill the air. :)

I just love this little boy.


3 Months

I'm two days late on the 3 month update. But, I did take the pictures on the actual day. Not that any of you care. But, I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't take them on the exact day. :) We've had a busy week with Vacation Bible School going on at church, Miller has been going to work with me everyday to see his friends in the nursery. He's gotten a great report everyday which makes his mama happy. They said he never gives them any trouble. I can only hope he stays that way...

Here's the ol' monthly chair with the bear photo.

Here are month 1 and month 2 to compare...he's getting big!

And...my new FAVORITE picture. Would it be weird to have him in every frame in our house? Yes? Ok.

We also went to visit Audra and Elijah. Elijah loved on him..but not for long.

I'm pretty sure he was saying "done" as he was pushing him away. ha!


Sweet Cousins

We had our family {part of it} over for ShirRon's {my stepmom} birthday. We grilled, ate  and then enjoyed the entertainment of little Charlie. He is a pretty funny little guy. He's so happy and has TONS {seriously} of energy.

He loves his cousin Miller too.

I have to capture these kinds of moments now, because in a year or so, we won't be able to get them both still long enough. Charlie is hard enough to get still now at 17 months, I can't imagine the both of them when Miller is big enough to run around with him. 





Man, I stink at this blogging thing. I keep thinking I'll do better, but it just doesn't happen. Miller is getting so big. He'll be 3 months next week, which is so hard to believe. He's getting really fun and doing new things all the time. Yesterday, when I was rocking him, he kept putting his hands up to touch my face. I know it's not completely on purpose yet, but he's never done it before. He also did the 'motorboat' a couple times with his mouth, which is new. Needless to say, we are loving every minute with him. Here are some shots from the past week.

Yesterday, just hanging out with his mama.

Last night, talking with his daddy before bedtime.

And on Monday, for Memorial Day we had a cookout at our Uncle Wes's house with all the Baker fam. Miller's sweet little cousin Raegan sure loves to kiss on him. She has a new baby brother so she has lots of practice. 

Then, I took him outside where the 'big boys' were shooting their guns, which was loud. So, we put him in the headphones, which must have cut out all the noise because he quit jumping. Plus, look how cute it made his squishy cheeks.