6 years as Mr. & Mrs.

This is us...6 years ago today.

We've officially been together 10 years!

So to celebrate..we spent the day together in Tulsa doing whatever we wanted. My mom offered to keep Miller for the day..and night! His first sleepover! We tried not to talk about things other than him..but somehow our conversations always ended up back to "I wonder if he's doing ok...I wonder if he'll sleep good tonight..." Not that I had any doubt that he would be completely fine with his Grammy, it was just weird for both of us being away from him for 24 hours!

The highlight of my trip (other than spending the day with my favorite man in the whole wide world) :) was going to The Vintage Pearl! I have been a blog reader for a long time and they finally opened a store in Tulsa, so I couldn't wait to go. Their store was so cute, just as I expected. I got a necklace that I had been wanting as my anniversary gift...(no shopping required for the hubby). I got an 'm' and an 'e'. Not to spell 'me', but for Eli & Miller..my two loves. :) I LOVE IT!!

We had lunch in Utica Square and walked around to some of the shops..until it started raining. I was also super excited to go in Anthropologie. Very cute stuff...very expensive stuff. I bought one thing..for $2.50...I'm a big spender, I know. The store itself is just way cool to look around in.

Then we went to the mall and did some shopping..mostly for Miller. Who knew. Don't think Eli didn't get to have any fun on this trip. We did make a stop at Bass Pro in Broken Arrow..where we bought some things for...Miller. :) Then, Charleston's for dinner and a trip to Academy. It was such a fun day!

We didn't get a decent pic of the two of us, so here is one of the three of us from today. I like 3 better than 2 anyways. :)


  1. Hey, I like your necklace. Is that a dome heart? Or a cupped heart? or flat?? I was trying to order one I liked online, but could not figure out if Dommed and cupped were the same. Let me know Email me summerdenae@yahoo.com Summer Lamb