18 Months

Eli, Miller and I went downtown Labor Day morning to try to get some 18 month pictures of Miller. I wasn't quite sure I was going to get any good shots because he wasn't wanting to stay put for long {imagine that}. But...I ended up getting some of my most favorite pictures of him ever. They show how sweet, silly and fun he is at this age and I love them!! Here are some of my favorites:

He loves Peek-A-Boo


This was taken with a tripod and remote. Let me just say...I so should have payed a photographer. It was a LOT of work getting a picture of the 3 of us. ha!


  1. I just love that sweet, sweet smile! Grammy loves you Mr. Moo!

  2. These are the CUTEST pictures I have ever seen!!

    I love all of you!!

    --- Leah