Daddy's Little Helper

There are three things that Miller loves. His daddy, being outside, and the water hose. We went outside to play tonight, thinking he might want to play in the sprinkler...
Not so much. This picture is so funny to me because he looks so sad and he's looking at the water hose. So, he helped daddy unhook the sprinkler. Him squatting down like his daddy melts my heart.

He was very serious tonight, no smiles in these pictures. He did laugh when his daddy took a drink out of the hose and then spit it out.

Then, it was time to water the flowers half-dead flowers.
He's turning the faucet like his daddy does. I promise, he's having fun.

He cracks me up.
Then, it was time to go in. He's never happy when it's time to go in from outside.The only way we can get him to not yell is to tell him it's bath time. He's sad when that's over too.

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