We've been playing inside quite a bit, since it's waaay to hot to be out for long.
Watching ALOT of Nemo. He LOVES that movie.
He will sit and watch pretty much the entire thing.... Let's name the zones, the zones, the zones, let's name the zones of the open sea.....oh, sorry. Anyone who watches Nemo as much as I do will know that song.

He's (ok, me too), been eating lots of snacks also. I think lunch this day was ham & cheese, blueberries (a favorite), and a cracker.

Learning not to 'hit' with our toys....

and giving kisses after we hit with our toys....

He got his first big 'owie' this week. He slipped on a book and fell on his hand and cut up his face. It looks worse now because it's all bruised too. First time he's bled and he cried hard! It broke my heart!!!
We did manage to play at the park one morning this week before it got over 100.

He wanted to drink out of mama's cup all by himself....
Not quite ready for that yet. :)

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