Lake Time

Our second Lake Tenkiller trip this year was last weekend. Another fun weekend with our family....eating, hanging out, swimming, playing and just relaxing and staying up too late.

The lake trips have always been fun, but there are SO much more fun with Miller there. 
1. Sharing (kind of) a root beer float with Gampa
2. Driving the boat. :) (it was on the trailer)
3. Gamma & Gampa
4. Helping Gampa make ice cream
5. Great Granny & Papa Honeycutt
6. Finger painting for the first time
7. Out for a walk one hot/sweaty/sticky morning

Miller and his cousin Lainey got to spend the whole weekend together. Here they are at the lake last year...
Check out Miller's dark hair and cone head. :)

She's loved to hug and kiss on him since she's been born.

1&2...His cousin Luke put a spoon on his nose so we put on one Miller's
3. Nothing cuter than chubby babies
4. "Jumping" to Gamma
5. Sweet cousins
6. This cracks me up because Lainey is giving him the biggest smile and he's just looking at her...typical.
7. My favorite...those teeth!!

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