Ready or not...here we go!

Well....we've settled into our apartment in Louisiana. It's not really feeling like 'home' yet, but I'm working to make it feel that way. We've been here almost 2 weeks, so I thought it was time to post some pictures of our journey.

We'd been packing for about a month, here and there and it's a good thing because we have  ALOT OF STUFF! The day we packed the moving truck, we had several big strapping men to help out....
Seriously, they were a huge help!! They packed up our house in no time.

Miller loved running up and down the ramp

And playing in the big truck

He played so much that he fell asleep in Gampa's truck. Everything was packed so he just slept on some pillows on the floor.

That evening, after we said our sad goodbyes, we spent the night at Gamma & Gampa's house. Eli had our suitcase in his truck and he was playing basketball at the church, so after Miller's bath, he got to wear one of his uncle Ben's t-shirts. I'd say he wore it well. :) 

Next up....road trip pictures.

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