Louisiana, here we come!

We headed out of Newcastle about 9:30am. We had planned on 8am, but we couldn't find the cord to plug in the dvd player, which was a must, so my mom went to buy one for us and we met up with her at our house. Grammy saved the day! :) 

Our caravan: Miller, Gamma and I in Gampa's truck (pulling a U-Haul trailer) Eli behind us in his truck, and Tom behind him in the moving truck. It was a slow trip since we couldn't drive over about 60mph. 

Miller got started watching Rio, a new movie to him. As you can see, he was really into it and we have watched it MANY times since.  Grammy (my mom) worked hard and packed a bag FULL of stuff for Miller to do on the way there and once we got here. I pulled out a toy when we stopped for gas. He loved his tiny Mr. Potato Head. He was feeding it a goldfish in this picture. He smacks his lips together to make eating noises. :) 

McDonald's break! He took over Gamma's strawberry lemonade. If he likes a drink, he doesn't stop, he chugs it.

We stopped at a cute baker in Tyler, TX. I'd seen it both times Eli and I had made the drive and thought it looked fun to stop at. It was really good! I tried the cheesecake. Maybe more than one slice. (they were small)
Miller got to eat a couple cookies, which made him haaapy. 
This is one of my very favorites of him ever.
Then, we drove some more and finally made it to the Louisiana border.

We stopped in Shreveport to eat seafood at Ralph & Kacoo's (I ate a grilled chicken salad) :) And then, at 9:30pm we finally made it to our hotel and we were tired for sure!!! 

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