Our First Weekend in LA

Friday morning we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. Miller was chugging some juice once again....
Then headed to our apartment for the long day of unloading & unpacking

Break time for movie and books

Having fun popping bubble wrap with daddy

 Snuggles with Gamma at dinner (even though he looks bored),
playing with toys from Grammy

Easter basket (he looks thrilled) Yes, I know he has on Christmas jammies in April. :)  

We went to the historic downtown area in Monroe and walked around for a while. Miller had fun running on the bridge while daddy or Gampa chased him.

All that running wore the little guy out.
He loves his Toy Story pillow that Grammy made him!!

Then it was time to hit the playground. He was very careful to hold the handrails. I'm surprised he went down the big twisty slide. He looked a little worried at first, but then he loved it. Of course, Buzz had to slide too. He would let Buzz go down first, then he would come down. 

We had a lot of fun with Gamma & Gampa here with us on our first weekend and were very sad to see them go!!! 

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