Our 4th

Oh. my. goodness. I absolutely love this picture of Miller taken at his great-grandma's house in Phoenix, on 4th of July last year. Those cheeks, chubby arms, that combover...*tear :( What a difference a year makes!!

Our 4th this year was a lot of fun with our little blonde-headed firecracker! We didn't do anything to fancy...just spent time with family and friends. Miller got to go swimming and play with his friends Elijah and Max, he played in the sandbox at his Gamma & Gampa's house and we went to watch the fireworks show that his daddy and Gampa helped shoot in Chickasha. Landin came with us to that show and we tried to get a good picture of them..with not so much luck. Miller also snuck some ice cream from his Funcle (fun uncle) Jeff. :) Our attempt at a family picture was also not so good. Miller was wanting to get down SO bad, you can see him twisting trying to get out of my arms in the picture.  What a fun weekend to remember!

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