BLT 2011

Our annual Baker Lake Trip, or BLT as we call it was a few weeks ago. We stayed at a new place this year called Fin & Feather Resort. It wasn't on the lake like the other house we stayed out, but it really was great for the kids. It had a pool and kiddie pool that Miller loved. Even though he could walk around and even sit in the water it still made me nervous! We spent our days playing, swimming, eating, standing on the table apparently, getting lots of hugs and kisses from his cousins Laney & Raegan, going for rides in his red car and the golf cart, and just having fun with our family.

The first picture is his smile when you ask him to smile...he moves his bottom jaw over to the side for a crooked smile. :) Our family picture this year happened in about 5 minutes, which is very fast...we were trying to beat the rain. We are missing some from our picture though. 

Someone must have been ready for a nap. I love how Laney is looking at him and Raegan looks like she telling him it's ok. :)

Miller is two months older than his cousin Grant.
They had fun playing with each other this year. 

Some of us made shirts for our little ones. We were trying to spell out "We <3 BLT '11". Little Bryn was the apostrophe, but you can't see her very well in this picture. 

There's nothing like being at the lake!

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