Saturday Snapshots

Miller is not a big fan of tummy time, especially when you lay him flat on the floor. Instead of using his hands to prop himself up, he pulls them out from under him and also lifts up his legs, so he's pretty much just balancing on his stomach, which I'm sure is tiring. But, if you prop him up on something where he can look around, he likes it a little bit better.

I decided to get some pics on his cute quilt that his 'aunt' Teresa made for him. It was a labor of love. ha! I love how they turned out with the colors of the quilt. His smiles aren't too bad either. :)

{His daddy was laying on the ground with me getting him to smile}

Tummy time didn't last too long, so we sat him up instead, which he really likes. {love his chubby arms in this one}

He still has a head full of hair.

I love this picture, because he does this a lot. {looks at his hands}

I think he's trying hard not to smile here.

But daddy is good.

And we ended our little photo shoot with this face, which means some pretty foul smells are about the fill the air. :)

I just love this little boy.

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  1. what a cute little boy!

    signed,leah your sista