Snowed In

We finally are getting to have a white Christmas, and what a white Christmas it is. Sleet and snow all day long today kept us stuck at home. Eli's family braved the roads and came over for the day. Even though it was a 'blizzard' outside, I had to get a few pics of the snow.

One of me and the hubby...

Whitney and I decided to sit down in one of the big snow drifts. And I should have known, being 6 months pregnant, that it wasn't going to be easy getting back up. As soon as we sat down, the snow started blowing so hard I couldn't open my eyes. It was quite funny! (This photo is not flattering whatsoever :( )

Even Tucker decided to come out of his house for a quick photo.

And of course, we had to watch Christmas Vacation. Classic.

Stay warm!

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