Bad Blogger

I know...I'm no good at this whole blogging thing. I promise to be better. Maybe that should be my New Year's Resolution. Hmm... Anyways, here are some photos to catch you up.

We had our annual 'Girls Christmas Party' a couple weeks ago and it was a lot of fun as always. A little different this year though since there were 2 tiny boys there! We usually have it at our house, but it was at Audra's this year and she did such a good job making it so festive. Check out our spread. Yes...this much food for 5 girls.

We went with a PJ theme this year..mainly for comfort. :)

Here's Elijah checking out the Christmas ornaments when his mama wasn't looking.

And two of my very best friends with their favorite little men. Audra & Elijah and Teresa and new little/chunky Landin. Next year, I'll get to be in this picture with my little man.

Another big event was my nephew Charlie's 1st birthday! He had many, many family and friends there...lots of presents and most importantly..the cake.
He did not hold back, he LOVED it! So much that he had to have a bath afterwards. I just love him!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve. :)

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  1. ha,ha,ha! picture chloe as santa! ho! ho! ho! merry christmas,and down the chimney she comes!

    how funny! this is leah.