Let The Celebrating Begin {1 Year Old!!}

Our baby boy is one!! I don't know how it happened, but it did. This past year has been the most fun, challenging, and rewarding year ever. I wouldn't change a thing! Miller turned one yesterday {March 8th...at 4:05pm :)}, so last night we had a little birthday dinner with some of the family. He was quite mellow most of the night, but I know he had a fun time. Here are a few photos...

Wearing his too-small birthday shirt that I made him. Ha!

Aunt Whitney brought him a birthday balloon, which he loved! He got his first balloon a couple weeks ago when a lady at Party Galaxy gave him one while we were shopping. He was a little obsessed from then. Every time we had to get out of the car, he threw a fit because he didn't want to leave his balloon. Now, whenever he sees them (like in Wal-Mart) he points at them and grunts. 

His first birthday dinner was Pioneer Woman lasagna! It was his first time to try it and he really like it.

And then of course...dessert. He'll have his birthday cake at his big party on Saturday, so he had a birthday brownie tonight. This boy loves his chocolate, just like his mama and daddy.

Miller has so many people that love him!!
Happy birthday sweet boy!

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