Miller is One!

I started looking for ideas for Miller's party a looong time ago. I knew there were so many creative ideas out there so to narrow down to what I wanted to do would be hard. But, it really wasn't that hard. Miller LOVES to be outside and I know one day he will love to go camping, so that is what I went with...a camping party. It was so much fun to put together! If only I had no budget..... Here are some photos of this fun day!
The birthday boy with his balloon. He LOVES balloons, ever since the nice lady at Party Galaxy gave him one while we were looking around one day. I made his shirt after seeing the cute shirts at Piccadilly Circus.
I wanted to do this as cheap as possible, so I used a lot of things that we already had or I made things out of what I already had. The "Happy Birthday" banner is just letters htat I cut out of cardstock and hot-glued onto some pom ribbon..easy! We already had the trees and the lights.  My sweet husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law cut up some stumps for me to use as trays and for height. I love how they turned out.

I made "campfire cupcakes" that I had seen on another blog and they were perfect for my theme. I actually just ordered the cupcakes and then added the campfire on top. I used pretzel sticks, chocolate rocks, red edible flakes and edible gold glitter gel (for the fire).

I also made S'more Pops which were very easy and very yummy. 

And mini dirt cups. They take a little time to make, but aren't hard to do.

And, of course the cake..which I didn't make. But, I love how it turned out. I wanted something simple and the colors had to match my scheme. :)

The drink table...

I made labels for the water bottles...

Goody bags for the little campers which had mini flashlights, camping pencils and glow bracelets. They were a big hit. Also, I just brought some pictures of Miller from our house to display.

For his scrapbook, I had been taking a photo each month with his bear and documenting things about him at each stage. I just hung them on the wall with ribbon and clothespins to show how he's grown.

He wasn't too sure about opening his gifts. He liked the occasional tissue paper or bow and sometimes he could pull the gift out of the bag. He was even tossing the clothes over to the side. ha!

And then, the cake. We stripped him down to his diaper because I knew the teal icing would make mess! This was his look while we were all singing to him. If only I knew what he was thinking.

At first he just picked at it...

But it didn't take long for this...

He was so serious about it. No smiles. Just eating. He wouldn't even stop to get a picture with his mama and daddy. :) 

After he got cleaned up, he played some more with his friends. These are his buddies Elijah, Max and Landin. So sweet! I love how Miller is holding a leaf and Elijah is wearing his glow bracelets. Landin is just ready to walk away.

Miller and his cousin Charlie. (still holding that leaf)

He got 4 riding toys...a wagon, a truck thing that we can push him in, a big truck that he can ride in and this 4-wheeler. He wasn't quite sure how to ride on it yet, so he took it for a walk.

I forgot to have him wear his party hat I made for him, so I needed to get a picture of him in it. He only wore it for about 5 seconds.
What a special day that we will never forget! I can't believe our baby boy is 1!!!!


  1. This is so sweet! You did such a great job! I have been thinking about things for Gunnar's 1st, but I'm not nearly as creative as you are. Love it all!

  2. Everything turned out wonderful!! We had a great time!! Hayden is still playing with the flash light!

  3. a perfect 1st birthday party! you are so good!!!