11 months

So much to document at this stage...

Still in size 4 diapers, mostly 12 month & some 12-18 months clothes, even some 6 - 9 months still, and size 4 shoes.

Still drinks 5 1/2 oz. during the day and 7 oz. at night.

He is ALL ABOUT trying to walk. He pulls up on anything that will hold him and cruises around the furniture and his toys. 

We have him walk back and forth between mama & daddy. He loves it! He gets so excited and in a hurry that he usually ends up falling forward. 

No more army crawling, he finally crawls like normal. 

He's liking his baby food that has chunks in it better now. The first time he tried broccoli & carrots with cheese, he gagged it out and would just leave his mouth open and not chew. He still makes a horrible face usually with the first bite, but at least he eats it now. 

New foods he's had lately: cottage cheese, egg, DR. PEPPER (thanks Gampa Tom) :) 

Typical schedule:
Wake up 7:30-8amish, bottle, nap 9:30ish (30min to an hour), oatmeal & fruit 10:30ish, bottle 12:30ish, nap 1pmish (usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours), veggies/fruit at 3ish, bottle 4:30ish, veggies/fruit 6ish, bottle 8ish, bed 9ish. Notice all the 'ish'es....his schedule tends to change day to day.

He gets really restless when he's drinking his bottle...wants to sit up, lay down, shake his bottle, play with the top of it,  sit up, lay down....

Loves bathtime...splashing, trying to stand up in the tub, making a mess. Daddy gives him most of this baths.

Likes to snack on puffs, baby cheetos, mum-mum crackers and he loves his sippy cup. 

He can drink out of a straw.

Still loves to drive his Jeep. He's getting better and getting into all the cabinets.

He likes to help you turn the lights on and off.

He's figured out how to throw his toys. He slings his arm and they go flying. It's cute and funny for a bit.

Favorite songs: Jesus Loves Me is still #1 on the charts, Likes to 'roll it up' during Pat-A-Cake,  Itsy Bitsy Spider...with the motions of course, the alphabet, and silly song that mama makes up. 

And finally...he has 2 teeth coming in!!! On the bottom..they are just poking through and they are sharp! 

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