Monkey Love

We he had a couple of busy days this past weekend. They were good, but busy. Yester day, we went to my dad's house to celebrate my youngest sister's 10th birthday. So, of course I had to some pics of Miller with his only 1st cousin, Charlie. He will be 2 in December and is a ball of energy. I can't wait until Miller can run around with him. I just love this picture...with Charlie's arm around Miller. He calls him "Diller" and loves him so much!

This morning I decided to sit Miller on the ground to see if he would play and not fall over. I put a couple of pillows around him, just in case. He did so good! He sat there for over 20 minutes and played. So...I snapped some pics. {I love these little owl jammies his Gamma and aunt Whitney got him}

He wanted to get caught up on the mornings news too. He was curious about the VMA recap from last night. ha!

No, he's not gagging. He's doing his famous 'fake cough'. He was doing it so much this morning. It cracks me up!

He also LOVES playing with his Sock Monkey Jack-in-the-box that his Grammy gave him.

I have no idea what this face was about, but I love it. Silly boy!

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