Today was a little bit of a sad day. Our baby boy got a haircut...at 6 months old! I always thought I would wait until he was a year old, but there is no way. He needed one..already. His 'bangs' were messy and in his eyes, his hair was over his ears and his baby mullet was getting long and shaggy.

We took him to Aren, which is Eli's cousin that does our hair. I knew she would do a great job!

He sat so still on his daddy's lap.

Wondering what in the world she was doing to him.


I love this one.

And then they were gone...his little curls from the top of his head. :( {But, they will forever live in his scrapbook}

He looks so much like a little boy now, instead of a baby. He looks older. Like, at least 7 months. ha ha
Oh, that boy.

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  1. I was gonna text you earlier and ask you how the first hair cut went!! He looks super cute with it cut! I enjoyed getting to talk to you for a little bit last night! :-)