Project 365

Ok, so I'm already one day behind and it's only January 2nd...
This year I am going to 'attempt' (key word) Project 365, where you take at least one photo EVERY SINGLE DAY. I feel like a take a pretty good amount of photos...over 6,000 in 2009. But, taking one every single day for the entire year will be a challenge. Mainly because I'm going to have to get creative with what I take pictures of. But...I am up for the challenge. I figured this would be a good year to do it since we'll have a lot of new experience with our baby boy on the way. 

This doesn't mean I'll only take one, but I am going to take at least one. I'm going to do my best to post them all here and I've started a Flickr album too. And, I'm sure I'll get behind, but I'll try hard. :) 

You should join in too, I would love to keep up with everyone's photos!

So...for Day 1, 01.01...
My scrap room.
There is nothing like starting the new year off with a clean Scrap Room. While everything is organized, I thought I'd give a little 'tour."

First, our computer desk. "I'm a Mac" :)

Bowl of goodies on my scrap desk.


Top of my IKEA Expedit bookcase..which I love.


Another IKEA find..magnet board and marker holder.


Most used tools..and a few other things.


I love color...and these Stickles are so pretty. I use them quite a bit.


All my paper is organized alphabetically by company in this awesome Cropper Hopper paper storage.


Tote with new stuff waiting to be used.


My new favorite book by Liz Kartchner & Creating Keepsakes. So many ideas!!


Just a shelf with photos and stuff.


And my scrap closet, which is pretty organized, even though it doesn't look like it. :)


Now if only this room would stay this clean...
Be back later with Day 2's photo.


  1. what a great idea alena! and my son is always available if you want to take pics of him! yours are always my favorites!!

  2. Your scrap room is gorgeous! I am also doing the 365 thing :)

  3. I wanted to tell you I have that same shelf...with TONS of Stickles! They are one of my absolute favorite things to use!

  4. Love your work space, pretty but it looks wonderfullt functional. Luck LAdy!

  5. first i think that i should say that this is your sister leah,i would do that 365 thing but...it's to late! it is already jan.31st. to bad! that sounds fun to do.well i guess i will go.bye:)

    see you soon alena beana:)

  6. hi alena,it's me again, leah,have you kept up on you 365 thing? well if you have.. today should be day 31.

    i hope you have kept up with it.

    bye,and see you soon.

  7. I absolutely ADORE your scrap room! If I had a spare room, I'd definitely have one myself! Great pictures too!