Rock & Roll Baby

My brother got this guitar outfit for Miller and he can finally fit into it. So, yesterday, we did a mini photo shoot. His hair is so messy because after his bath, instead of combing it like I usually do, I let it dry all crazy, just to see what it would look like. It kind of goes with the whole just rolled out of bed rocker motif though.


Singing to mama.

Love this one.

And here is his serious rock & roll face.

And this one is from this morning. He has his first cold or allergies..not sure which. He's so congested with coughing, sneezing and watery eyes. It's sad, but he doesn't act like he feels bad. I took this right after he woke up this morning. Such a happy boy. I think he's saying "hi".

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  1. his hair looks really cute just drying the way it wants... he is precious alena!