2 months

Wow! 2 months already. I can't even believe it. And like I said last month...the best 2 months of our lives. He's grown so much this past month, looking more like a little boy than so babyish. He's sitting up so much better in this months picture. Look how much he has changed since last month.

At 2 months:

* Likes bathtime.
* Really starting to move is arms and hands around.
* Wears mostly 3-6 month clothes.
* Drinks 4 ounces about every 3 hours during the day {unless we're in the car, then he's sleeping}.
* Smiles a lot.
* Watches us {follows us with his eyes}.
* Morning routine: wake up, change diaper, feed (if it’s time), put on clothes for the day, brush hair, suck boogies, play on changing table with mama. Then he sits in his bouncer for a while while I get things done. He likes to lay on his quilt and kick and look up at the lights and tv, especially when the Price is Right is on {seriously}.
* LOVES lights and fans.
* Trying to ‘talk’ more and more. It’s so cute.
* We practice saying ‘mama’ a lot. And we sing our ABC's.
* He’s starting to get mad when you quit feeding him and try to burp him. It makes us laugh.  
* First night in crib: 05/05/10 – He started fussing a little around 1am, I had to go in a give him his paci about 5 times, finally fed him at 4am. Then moved him back to his rock & play about 6am. Then we slept in until 9am. ☺
* I got him a light up/musical/motion toy that hooks to his crib. I had him laying in his crib during the day to get him used to it and I turned on that toy. I peeked at him and he was just smiling so big at it.

That's all I can think of for now.

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