It's official

I feel like I'm a little late posting this, but oh well. Here is our 'official' birth announcement for our little man. :)
{Photo by Randy Coleman Photography}


  1. Can I ask where you got these made? Or did you just do this on the computer? I never did one for Abby, but I plan on doing one for Emery. Thanks!

  2. Hey Jen! I hope you get this comment, I don't know if it notifies you when a new comment is posted or not? Let me know. I actually made these. I designed them then had them printed. tinyprints.com has really cute ones though, that's where I found the wording for this.

  3. No, it doesn't notify me, but I remembered to look at your blog again. :) Thanks for letting me know! I will check that websight out. I am so excited about getting them done! Thanks!