Muddy Fun

We went over to play in the water with our friends today. Miller had lots of fun and I know he would have stayed out there all day long if I would have let him. 

Of course, he had to have a dirty diaper (swimmer) while we were there. When I was changing him, he got away from me and ran across the whole yard completely naked. I was slipping and sliding through the mud trying to get him, but I had to stop to get a quick picture....nothing cuter than a naked (toddler-sized) booty with a
tan line. Ha!

When you play with three girls, there is a good chance Barbies will be involved. :) He had fun dunking them in a hole filled with muddy water. 
Of course, he didn't want to go home...I had to tell him he could have a popsicle.
He must have had fun, he took a 3 hour nap! 

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