Picture Perfect?

Ok, I think my little man is already getting tired of the camera in his face 24/7. I tried to get a good pic of him a few days ago in his fancy tie onesie that his friend Landin gave him, but as you'll see...didn't happen. He did however, give us a bunch of laughs. I mean really, how many faces can a baby make?

Outake6  Outake3Outake5
Outake1 Outake4 Outake2


  1. i am not sure if its the same.. but jackson had a red tie onesie like that when he was a baby too! :) and i LOVE the middle pic on the bottom row. too too too cute!

  2. Alena, I have a huge smile on my face right now!!! After seeing these photos, it makes me want to hold Emery sooo badly! And I still have three months to go! I am truly so happy for you two. Isn't being a mother wonderful?!! You two are going to be great parents!

  3. He's doing his best to pose, Momma! He just needs some practice. He'll learn soon enough Those were pretty funny, I must admit.

  4. Alena, as I saw for myself yesterday, Miller is just adorable. Your Uncle Dave and I have been sitting here laughing at all of his expressions. Later, you will be glad of these funny ones when he has no idea what he is doing or what you want him to do. Love, Aunt Shash