Turkey Day

We have quite a bit of family..which I am so very thankful for. So..needless to say, we stay pretty busy during the holidays. We spent time with the Honeycutt side of the family on Wednesday night.

We ate a ton, played games and talked and laughed about everything. One of our cousins, Breanna, is 32 weeks pregnant, so we took some belly shots together. They are having a little girl, who will be about 8 weeks older than our little man. I can't wait to see them together.

Then, Thursday morning, I got up and started my cooking/baking extravaganza. Ha! I did make quite a bit...

Pumpkin bars, banana pudding, chocolate raviolis, sausage balls, green bean casserole, hot corn, and rolls. I had a nice butter explosion in the microwave too.

Strangely, the paper towel stayed on the cup.

We went to eat with at my mom's.

Where we had ALL this food...for just 5 people.

Needless to say, we had a ton left over.

Then, it was off to Yukon to see the Baker's. This is our biggest part of the family and it's always so much fun!!

Nana & Papa (they were watching pictures of their kids Lake Tahoe trip)..lots of laughs.

Laney & Raegan..playing together on the floor..and maybe eating a cookie or two.

Brady making big words with the Banangrams tiles...and then making Tom pronounce them.

And more watching video of the Tahoe trip. It's so funny to hear them crack up!!

All in all. A great day.

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  1. what a fun thanksgiving!!! next year, you will have alittle baby crawling around!!