Expect The Unexpected

One of the two of my favorite shows (the other one is LOST) started tonight...that's right Big Brother 11. I can't help it, I love it. I know it's just the first night, but these two are my favorites. Casey & Jordan. Hopefully they will last, as long as they stay nice...which doesn't always happen.

One person I do not like..can't stand really is Jessie.

He's from another season, but got to come back into the house... and he's very into himself. Just watch..you'll see.


  1. i tried to watch it.. but jackson would not have it. however, i did see jessie interviewed kissing his arm muscles. yuck.

  2. I really do not like Russell! I want Jordan to win as well. I want Chima to go tonight. Yay I love bb. haha =)