Sweet Snack

What's better on a hot summer evening than eating a cold slice of watermelon
in your diaper? 


Not much.

One Little Monkey...

.....jumping on the bed.
Miller thinks our bed is a trampoline. When he is on it, he jumps, falls, flips and loves it. We have to tell him to sit down many times, but a lot of times we just go with it! It makes him so happy as you can see....

 This particular morning was one where he woke up at 4:00am (just learning to sleep in his big boy bed) so we watched a movie on our bed and he fell asleep, which never does! I didn't like waking up at 4am, but if not, I wouldn't have gotten these sweet pictures of him sleeping. :)


Maternity Photos

A few weeks ago, my new friend Rebecca took maternity photos of us. We went to a favorite park in the area and I love how they turned out. I'm so happy to have these of our growing family!!  Here are some of my favorites....

My very favorite....
Thanks Rebecca!!!


Muddy Fun

We went over to play in the water with our friends today. Miller had lots of fun and I know he would have stayed out there all day long if I would have let him. 

Of course, he had to have a dirty diaper (swimmer) while we were there. When I was changing him, he got away from me and ran across the whole yard completely naked. I was slipping and sliding through the mud trying to get him, but I had to stop to get a quick picture....nothing cuter than a naked (toddler-sized) booty with a
tan line. Ha!

When you play with three girls, there is a good chance Barbies will be involved. :) He had fun dunking them in a hole filled with muddy water. 
Of course, he didn't want to go home...I had to tell him he could have a popsicle.
He must have had fun, he took a 3 hour nap! 


Father's Day 2012

We had a great Father's Day together in Louisiana. We definitely missed seeing our families though! I attempted getting a picture of Miller and his daddy before church. This is the best I could get.
Miller was ready to leave wearing my sunglasses:
After church we had lunch and presents! Miller helped his daddy a little bit, but I think he was more excited about the one balloon we put on the gift. 
We had dinner at Red Lobster,
and fruit pizza at home for dessert.

It was a great day celebrating the best husband/daddy I know!!